About Us


Beautiful lighting is a necessary element in creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere and the environment we create is indeed the symbol of our character. Shabtab Borghei light industry as the first manufacturer in producing standard outdoor and park lights, has tried to change your living and working environment by creating unique and diverse products. Therefore, we have used all abilities of foreign and local artists and craftsmen in order to create the best design from the aspect of diversity, beauty and quality. Shabtab Borghei light industry has been converting contemporary and traditional lighting into modern outdoor lights for many years and provides them to customers in private and government sectors as well as 2-year guarantee. Using modern technologies with experts’ skills and latest laboratory equipment make it possible to please all customers with different tastes. On the other hand, commitment to high quality production is far more important for Shabtab than rivalry and two of its results which are our top priority are effective relationship with customers and considering different tastes to design the most elegant and beautiful lights.

There are many reasons to choose a product which is useful and acceptable for you and we point to the most important ones here:

  1. Sales agents’ diversity and availability and after-sale services around and out of the country
  2. Performing quality management systems ISO 2015 – 9001 in order to have conformity to international standards
  3. Member of trade association of light manufacturers in Iran
  4. Using the highest quality in raw material and new manufacturing methods to add strength and durability to the products
  5. Diversity and beauty in designs and colors to cover all customers’ tastes
  6. Products guarantee and consider consumers’ rights
  7. Using innovative designs in order to have easy installation and product services
  8. Take into consideration energy consuming by suitable light efficiency
  9. Prioritizing customer’s satisfaction

Shabtab believes that being unique is your right and your pleasant smile of satisfaction will be the endless mission of Shabtab Borghei light industry.