The importance of urban lighting

The Importance of Urban Lighting

Publish Date: 2021/04/24 - Category: Article
The Importance of Urban Lighting

Have you ever thought that what is the importance of night light in today’s industrial and large cities? Have you thought that what are other roles of urban lighting in addition to providing light across cities? You are supposed to read more about the importance of urban lighting in this article.

A Safe City

The design of urban lighting is usually the responsibility of individuals who know urbanism. There is an important point in this science that final design could be compatible with lifestyles of different people so they experience the pleasant sense of being the citizen. Children, teenagers, women and physically disabled people are of groups that are prone to be endangered in city more than other people. So it is necessary to provide conditions in the city that these groups can travel safer in the city during 24 hours.

One of the important points of urban lighting is that it somewhat provides safety of commuting space. There are different outdoor and park lighting in sidewalks and streets and they decrease the probability of street crimes. Because of that, lighting even in by-lanes is so important. Also, light in alleys and avenues can help CCTVs in more precisely recording events especially during nights.

the importance of urban lighting - sidewalks- streets

A Guide at Nights

Lights in main avenues, highways, roads and roads leading to the city, play the key role and accompany drivers along the roads. The road slopes, bends and all complexities in the way, are shown to car passengers by long lighting threads on both sides. You must remember danger triangle which is used for technical problems of vehicles. It is fluorescent and it shines in dark places and at nights.

The importance of urban lighting is not limited to these points. Traffic lights like red light for cars and pedestrians, send their message using mechanisms of colorful lights and many businesses announce their activity through light signs following this protocol.

In especial occasions like New Year or religious celebrations, there are always colorful light threads remind you with a different style that today is an especial day.

Formal Decoration

importance of urban lighting

The importance of urban lighting sometimes has a more especial form and in this case, other types of outdoor lightings such as pendant lights, park lights, entrance lights and so on have an important role in key and strategic spots of a city like hotels, halls, gardens and large open areas are the groups that use outdoor lighting more than others. In this case, urban lighting have the main role of guiding and decorative.

Hall entrances, garden passages and long paths that need the especial amount of light, usually need an especial and unique design of lighting routes. These lights could have different color and shape according to vision identity of that place.

In general, urban lights as a parameter that increase people’s safety in pedestrians and street, as a guide for drivers in roads and as an element that presents more beauty to the environment, have a key role in urban order.