4 Fascinating Ideas for Making Decorative Lights at Home

4 Fascinating Ideas for Making Decorative Lights at Home

Publish Date: 2021/04/17 - Category: Article
4 Fascinating Ideas for Making Decorative Lights at Home

Special and important days that are recorded in calendar are good opportunities for family and friend activities. Making decorative lights at home is a fun activity for such times. In this article, we are going to get acquainted with 4 attractive ideas for making lighting decorations at home. Follow this article to the end.

  1. Decorative Trees

One of the most beautiful decorative lights in a house are these small trees that you can easily make and produce. You just need some yarn, a small decorative tree and a variety of decorative items such as colored ribbons and a wreath. For choosing the tree based on the space you have, you can specify its dimensions and size. Artificial trees on the market are good choices for this. It is better to wrap the threads one by one on the branches of the tree. Make sure that the strands and the twigs are intertwined like hair so that your decorative tree does not lose its color and surface over time. You can use colored or monochrome yarns. You can choose a monochrome yarn and sue a wreath for better shine and coloring and pour the powder from the top on the whole tree. Small brass pendants that weigh very little can also help you decorate your branches. If you are making this decorative for a special occasion, you can add elements of that occasion to it. Colored papers are very easy to use, low cost, available and easy to find. You can add paper to the shrub with cotton and yarn ties.

  1. Natural Shrubs

In decorating natural shrubs in yards and gardens, the most important thing is to take good care of that so that the tree is not damaged. Making decorative lights in your home or garden has its own considerations that must be observed. When it comes to natural environments, it's best to keep up with nature and respect the philosophy of that environment. In such designs, solitude and minimalism can give you a brilliant result. So be careful to be relatively solitary and pay attention to health of your plants. For this purpose, it is good to prepare a special color theme or a maximum of two complementary or matching colors such as red and green or orange and blue in LED strings and attach them obliquely between to each tree. In this method of design, it is important that the branches of the tree is seen naturally. Also, long SMD lights, although they have strong and bright light, they have more weight and ultimately do not give you the uniformity and beauty of the branches, so it is better not to use them. A variety of cubes, empty spheres and green cones can also be part of your other accessories for decorating your luminous tree.

  1. Birthday Party Stands

The use of different material for birthday parties is common these days. You can make your desired theme brighter by making decorative lights at home! There are two different ways for doing this. The first method is creating themes that are mostly used in children's birthday parties and we are faced with stands such as wooden house, ball, car, etc. To design these themes, it is better to cover the main surface of the desired volume with monochrome thread light. With this technique, you can also experience a different photography by turning off the main lights of the house.

The second method, however, is for those who are in favor of simplicity. For this purpose, it is better to hang the threads scattered in the space. Colored incandescent bulbs can also replace filaments in this case to create a different atmosphere for you.