Tips for lighting in the workplace

Six Golden Tips For workplace Lighting
Publish Date: 2021/02/20
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Six Golden Tips For workplace Lighting

No one can deny the importance of light and its effect on human mental function. This is why the type of lighting in shared spaces and work environments is so important. This not only affects the employees of a working group, but also the people who come to that company, office or work space, so it is important to show your workplace with a proper lighting. In this article, you will read tips for workplace lighting and the identity of space lighting.

  1. Lighting Identity of a Place

Have you ever heard about visual identity? The brand that you own or work for, has a visual identity that includes a logo and other parts such as corporate color. You may see this color on office letterheads, inside and outside banners, on office supplies, or even on employees' clothes. The identity of workplace lighting is the same. You determine the brightness of your office by the amount, intensity, temperature, and color of light you use in your work environment. This identity should be something close to the spirit of your brand and the mood of your work. Have you ever thought about it?

  1. Selecting the Lights

Before considering criteria such as color and intensity in workplace lighting, you have to think about lighting fixtures that have a direct impact on lighting identity of your workplace. Because the lights work together in the space layout team and are so important.

To choose the right lights and chandeliers, you first need to assess the space you need and thoroughly examine its features. Do you need headlights, pendant lights or ceiling chandeliers in this environment? What is the best way to put them together? Do you think it is better to buy all the same lights or is it necessary to divide the spaces differently? In general, these are just some of the goal setting points that you can use to enhance the lighting of your work and brand.

  1. Artistic or Conventional?

You need to know the tone of your work space. If you want your work space to look modern, artistic or comfortable, especially if you are in contact with customers, you can use different types of chandeliers and lights in the space and get help from an interior designer to arrange them. Creative use of light, such as placing lampshades or single wall lights in corners of the work place, can also show your particular approach.

Keep in mind that this solution may not work for a formal space or a large brand. In brands that have large environments and even multiple branches, it is better to use the same lights so their light intensity and color are almost the same. In fact, such spaces should maintain their integrity in order to remain in minds.

  1. Creative Methods in Lighting

Use indirect light exposure. This method has been introduced in modern architecture even for houses. In this way, light sources are installed next to ceiling and walls and indirectly illuminate the space. So the light is softened and soothing, and prevents the negative effects of artificial light on vision to some extent.

In addition, the cost of bulbs and lights is practically zero and the highest cost is spent on lamps. Paying attention to such tips for workplace lighting can also reduce your workplace costs.

  1. Natural Light Is Important

Using only artificial light in your workplace will eventually lead to some drawbacks to your performance. Headaches, vision problems, body aches or tiredness can happen due to exposing artificial light in long run. So, it is important to look for a space that has at least one window to provide natural light for your workplace.

Of course, in work environments, the use of artificial light as a supplement is necessary. You can experience the color, temperature and intensity of light in such environments by combining natural and artificial light. People's health and well-being will have a direct impact on their performance and their job satisfaction, so paying attention to these points, which are not too hard and complicated, will eventually benefit a brand.

  1. The Importance of Saving Money & Energy

Undoubtedly one of the most important concerns and challenges for employers in workplace is to divide the budget and save on it, so that the internal affairs are carried out in the best way. In order to do that, you can use LED lamps in your work space. In addition to being the most harmless light bulbs on the market, according to research, they are also the cheapest and most cost-effective models today. They also use energy efficiently. Therefore, if you are using incandescent light bulbs, it is better to replace them with LED bulbs now!


These were the 6 useful tips for lighting in workplace and creating a unique and cost-effective lighting identity in the workplace. These Tips are not time consuming and difficult to follow, but are very effective and efficient in growth and development of your business and company.