5 tips for outdoor pool lighting

5 tips for outdoor pool lighting

Publish Date: 2021/05/29 - Category: Article
5 tips for outdoor pool lighting

5 Tips for Lighting Outdoor Swimming Pool Area

Summer and warm weather is coming and there is nothing more enjoyable than swimming in this season. In fact, after a long day of spring or summer, night is a good time for swimming. However, it is not possible to use an outdoor swimming pool without proper lighting. These days are good time for making your swimming pool more beautiful and functional with outdoor lighting to make it ready for swimming at nights and enjoy its nice weather. In this article, we will talk about 5 important tips in illuminating around swimming pool area so that you will get familiar with different techniques of outdoor lighting and different lamps and lights for outdoor swimming pool environment.

  1. Three critical points in outdoor swimming pool area you must consider.

The first tip is the most important one that you must take into account in lighting swimming pool area. The type of lighting techniques is highly dependent to areas around the pool, capabilities and specifications of lights and your taste and opinion. The environment of your swimming pool could be full of grass, bushes, flowers and trees or be made of stones, waterfalls and minimal designs of plants which are determinant of using different lighting styles and lamps. However, there are common places in all gardens and villas that need to install suitable lights in them. These places are swimming pool deck, paths and walkways and outdoor swimming pool area and garden.

  • Illuminating swimming pool deck

Most of the time, swimming pool decks are more crowded than inside the pool. So it is necessary to use proper outdoor lightings to make it more beautiful and safer. In fact, you should use lightings in a way that guests have proper vision so they prevent them to suddenly fall into the swimming pool. Illuminating around the pool should enlighten stairs, decks and individuals who are swimming in the water.

There are many lighting techniques that you can use to provide enough light around the pool deck. One of these techniques is to implement well lights that radiate enough light from ground to upward. These lights are completely safe because they are put in the ground so that it avoids collision. Another lighting technique is using high base outdoor lights which are one of the most beautiful models for lighting around swimming pools and illuminating the environment without direct radiation.

  • Illuminating paths and walkways

Stairways around swimming pools are so important and you must ensure their safety at nights by proper lighting. For this section, you can use short base outdoor lights which radiate light from up to the ground. You could easily show the way to the swimming pool to your guests by using these lights. Outdoor in-ground lights are one of the most suitable ones for stair floor and paths. It makes the outdoor swimming pool areas more functional and beautiful.

  • Illuminating outdoor swimming pool area and garden

One of the most functional lighting techniques in outdoor areas is to highlight beauties and attractive points of your swimming pool areas by proper lighting at nights. By putting suitable light among trees, bushes, plants and other items around the pool such as statues, you can make the environment of your swimming and recreation place more attractive. When these lights turn on among the trees and plants, all places which seemed black before, could be seen easily and beautifully.

You can use focal lights for accent lighting on walls and around water features like waterfalls and fountains in order to show these spaces more clearly and exhibit their beauty at nights.

There are usually some places and patios for sitting, relaxing and serving food and beverages at a corner of gardens and villas. You can use long base outdoor lights for illuminating this spot because people normally spend a lot of time here and enough light is necessary for them. You can also decorate ceilings of the patio with hanging string lights.

  1. What are the most suitable lamps for lighting swimming pool area?

In our opinion, LEDs are the most suitable lamps for gardens and swimming pool areas because their implementation and installation are easy as well as they save energy and money. Their lifecycle is very long and although their price may seem higher than other lamps, they decrease the amount of electricity bills in the long run and their efficiency is 80 per cent more than other types of lamps. You have to keep in mind that the amount of LEDs’ light is less than halogen lamps so if your swimming pool is so large or you need much light, you need to buy more LEDs.

  1. Don’t forget to use colorful lighting

Landscape designers believe that it is good to use several color beam for lighting your swimming pool area especially for places that you intend to stress on them. For example, you can change the light color of stairways and passageways to white and yellow or design a colorful rainbow lighting for fountains. This idea increases the uniqueness of your garden and swimming pool as well as it makes it more beautiful. You can design a different lighting pattern for your swimming area by purchasing multicolor lamps and it is not necessary that all parts of your garden to be like each other.

  1. Use smart lighting system in your swimming pool area

Are you tired of turning on and off your lamps of garden and swimming pool several times a day? You just need to use smart lighting system for lighting control, color combination, off and on time and especial effects. This system could be easily installed on your cellphone and connects to your lights. It can save in electricity bills too. These systems use Bluetooth and wireless technology to control lights and have different capabilities.

  1. Remember to use solar energy for lighting your lamps

The last point is that you can save a huge amount of money which is for electricity bills by purchasing lights with solar panels. Today these solar panels are installed in different types of outdoor lightings such as string lights, wall and garden lights and are available in the market. They do not need too much wiring, saving energy and money, more safety near water and swimming pool and easy implementation and installation are some of prominent benefits of these lights.


Outdoor swimming pool is one of important sectors of gardens and villas that you can use it during hot season nights by proper lighting to enjoy together in an outdoor environment in addition to make it safe and beautiful. In this article, 5 functional suggestions and points about lighting techniques of outdoor swimming pool area were introduced and we talked about outdoor lighting techniques and using proper lights for swimming pool area.

Edited by Behnaz Mahdavi