Big photography contest of shabtab lighting

Big Shabtab Photography Contest

Publish Date: 2021/08/22 - Category: News
Big Shabtab Photography Contest

Take a photo and win the prize of one million and two hundred thousand tomans. All you have to do is direct your beautiful photos of Shabtab lighting products that have been installed in different places to Shabtab Instagram page. You have the opportunity to participate in this fascinating competition from August 20 to September 4.

Your photos will be shown in stories on Shabtab Instagram page after judges approve them, then the followers will vote for each photo. The three photos that get the most votes go to the semi-finals and the photos are placed on the page as a post, and finally, each post that gets the most likes will be the lucky winner of one million and two hundred thousand tomans prize.

To participate in this contest, remember the following points:

  • Photos must be new and those from previous contests will not be entered in this contest.
  • Photos taken from inside the representatives' shops will not be entered in the contest, and the photos must be from completed building projects.
  • Photos should have high quality to participate in the contest.

We are waiting for your beautiful photos of glowing lights.

Footnote: Do not forget to send the post related to the contest to your friends.