6 Practical & Effective Tip in Villa & Garden Lighting ‌

6 Practical & Effective Tip in Villa & Garden Lighting ‌
Publish Date: 2021/06/19
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6 Practical & Effective Tip in Villa & Garden Lighting ‌

Lighting open spaces, just like indoors, has its own rules and frameworks and can also have certain effects on that place. On the other hand, with vast variety designs of lighting products in the market, people are free to arrange their favorite lighting in yards and non-roofed spaces. In this article, we are going to review six important points about lighting of villas and gardens.

  1. Assess Possibilities of Space

The first point in lighting of villas and gardens is to evaluate the space possibilities we have. The environment we are considering may consist of just one large mansion in the middle of a garden, or it may have different elements such as fountain, pool, bench, chair, a variety of trees and shrubs, and so on. Each of these elements is a unique platform for creating decorations that both contribute to the beauty of the space and make the environment better lit.

Remember that in the lighting of villas and gardens, another important point is that there should be no dark space. Security, light and beauty together make sense.

  1. Design New Elements

If your villa or garden does not have any elements such as waterfalls, shrubs, etc., we suggest that you add these items to the space. To do this, you first need to examine the empty spaces and corners of the environment so that you can make better decisions. One of the most practical elements is to create a space for sitting. A number of benches, trees or chairs and simple tables can help you with this. After adding them to the space, be aware that this point should be one of the brightest parts of your garden at night. People need to have enough light to sit and talk to each other so that they can enjoy better communication, feel more secure, and have easy access to other parts of the garden. Sculptures are another element that you can add to the space of your garden or villa in a creative way and make your space doubly beautiful by giving them light.

  1. Think about Walls

Walls, especially cement walls that are not glossy, can be good options for lighting villas and gardens. Depending on the taste and space condition you have, row and branch lights such as LEDs and pendant lights can be good options for lighting your yard and terrace through garden walls.

  1. Do Not Miss Fountains

One of the most special exterior parts of a villa or garden can be spaces that are decorated with water. Various pools, fountains and pools in the environment can, in addition to its function and beauty, give you a good opportunity for ambient lighting. The side lines of these environments are very suitable for branch lighting. However, if you want the space around your pool or garden pond to be bright, you should know that you have another option called park lights. The park lights are designed in different shapes and have bases with different thicknesses, and you can easily have the best choice in accordance with the architectural style of your garden and villa.

Another option for decorating aquatic environments is to install colored lights just below the part where the water diffuses into a pond. You can pay attention to the overall design of the space you have to choose the color of the lights. However, you should know that cold colors such as blue or blue-green can create more focus on the blue space you want and give it a special and exciting effect. To decorate watery and humid environments, waterproof lights will be very effective in this regard.

  1. Do Not Forget Garden & Trees

In many cultures, such as classical English one, garden of a mansion is one of the proudest parts of it for the landlord, so that the amount of flowering plants and its lushness and beauty, shows the importance that the landlord gives to the elegance, freshness and order of the space.

If you like this idea, you can use the same strategy in the lighting of villas and gardens and do not neglect to make your garden look beautiful. For this purpose, you can use the branches of large and old trees, especially trees such as cypress or pine, for lighting or create light lines around the trees. Park lights are another form of lighting that is dug into the garden at regular intervals to help brighten and beautify it. We suggest that you use a variety of colors such as white or bronze in this area to give a spectacular effect to your environment.

Last But Not the Least, Do Not Forget the Most Important Part of Garden, Mansion

Remember that all these decorations and beauties are formed to make your garden mansion or villa more beautiful. The mansion is the most important in terms of spatial divisions in the design and it is necessary to have accurate and specific lighting. Be aware that the pathways leading to the mansion should also be well lit so that people do not have problems along the way. You can also use a variety of post lights, pendant lights and garden lights around the mansion.


Lighting villas and gardens is a specialized job that has many details. However, by knowing a few small points in this regard, we may be able to make big changes in the space we have. In this article, we examined six practical and effective tricks in lighting the yard, mansion and open space of the garden and villa.

Edited by Behnaz Mahdavi