7 Things You Must Know About Smart Lighting System

7 Things You Must Know About Smart Lighting System
Publish Date: 2021/06/12
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7 Things You Must Know About Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting system is one of the simple and effective ways for changing your house into a smarter one that you are able to control all your house lights from all over the world completely. Today, using smart lighting has become more popular than before and there are many people who use it in different rooms of their house such as living room, hallway and bedroom. The entrance of house is the place which smart lighting system used more than other places. You may think that the technology of smart lighting system is limited to indoor and entrance of houses but it is better to say that these lights are used for outdoor, front yards and gardens. Today these lights are one of the most sold products among smart house products.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart light system helps you control the amount and type of house lights easily and remotely along with saving energy. Smart lights replace old lamps and your cell phone will be changed to control center of these lights by choosing this system. It connects to your wireless network of house and you can change the amount of light based on your activity or make it more or less. Using the application installed on your cell phone or laptop system, it is possible to turn the lights off and on by your voice or even physical activities. Don’t worry! The old switches are still working. The smart lighting system could make your lives more convenient and improve its quality.

  1. Why We Should Use Smart Lighting?
  • The main reason of choosing smart lighting is to provide safety in house and for its individuals. You can control the lights by technology wherever you are, just by using an installed application on your cell phone. So in every situations, whether you are on vacation or come back late from work or sleeping on the first floor, you can easily turn all your lights on or off. You can even set a schedule that lights turn on or off on a predefined time set to make the imagination that somebody is in the house and it is not empty.
  • More convenience is one of main reasons for choosing technology of smart lights. You can categorize the lights of different rooms in the house using this system or you can do some more creative acts for example, when somebody rings the door bell, the bedroom and hallway lamp turn on.
  • Smart lighting also means a special welcoming. You can plan a special program so when you come back home, the lights turn on. There are other interesting forms for example adjusting light program for a party or movie watching with your friends. You can even adjust the amount and forms of lights with a special music track. You could do all these activities by your voice and just saying these orders to your smart assistant of cell phone like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Smart Lighting and Easy Planning

Smart lighting can greatly help you according to your life style. For example, it is an essential help in choosing exterior lighting style or outdoor lighting without need to think too much about. If you want your house lamps turn off a bit later at weekends, you can easily do it automatically.

  1. What Are The Functions of Smart Lighting for Gardens and Outdoor Environments?

There are many reasons for implementing smart lighting technology in outdoor environment. In addition to providing safety in gardens and open areas which is the main function of smart lighting, more convenience is another advantage of this technology. Imagine that you are approaching your house and the smart lighting turns on the lights of driveway, garden or entrance as soon as you arrive there.

Interesting and Attractive Lighting Design

Smart lighting could revolutionize your garden, backyard and the open areas around your house. You can choose different colors and effects regarding the season and main theme color of your garden or give a new look to the outdoor environment on every occasion. You can choose many colorful lights by using RGB LED lights, use especial effects and all these activities could be done easily.

  1. How Much Energy Does Smart Lighting Consume?

Most smart lighting that also called smart lamps, use LED technology because of that their energy consumption is 75 per cent less than Halogen and Fluorescent lamps. This is an important point because lamps consume 19 percent of energy in the world and produce 6 percent of Greenhouse gases. However, it is better to note that smart lighting is not that effective in energy saving and using LED technology has the main role in decreasing energy consuming.

  1. How Many Years Can We Use Smart Lighting Lamps?

The amount of smart lighting life time depends on some factors:

  • How many times do you use the lamps in a day?
  • When you are leaving a room, do you turn the lights off?
  • Do you use dimmer for changing the amount of light?
  • What are the brands of your lamps and what quality do they have?

In general, the average life span of these lights is 22 years or 25ooo hours so the estimated life time depends on above-mentioned factors and your life style.

  1. Is it Possible to Make The Lights More or Less?

One of the most functional options of smart lighting is that you can easily change the amount of lights by dimmer. In addition that It also saves energy. You can also plan it before like other options smart lighting system by your cell phone.

  1. Does Smart Lighting System Work With Any Kind of Lamps?

The answer is no so it is necessary to check their specifications before purchasing and installing smart lighting systems. Smart lamps like all LEDs must have good ventilation to eject produced heat. Therefore, the place of installation and type of lamp play an important role in preventing incidents and firing.

Since these lamps are made for different functions in various places, you should consider the function and place of using each lamp before buying. For example, do you cover around the lamp that prevents ventilation? Do you put the lamp in a place that there will be no way for ventilating lamp? These are important points that you should take into account by paying attention to these points and prevent misuse and excessive heat that follow short lifetime.

  1. Is It Necessary To Buy Colorful Lights?

Would you like to decorate the exterior part of your house on especial occasions? Are you planning for a special celebration or tradition or because of personal preference, you like to use colorful lights? If your answer to these questions are yes, it is better to buy changing color smart lamps.


Smart lighting system is one of simple and new ways of making houses smarter that you can control all your house lighting from every spot on the earth. Nowadays, using smart light systems have been much more popular than before. This system can turn the lamps off or on at an especial time, change their amount of light or perform an especial color or lighting style for your exterior part of the house by connecting to your wireless network and optic and motion sensors. Since this technology is rather new, there are several questions about smart lighting system that we tried to answer 7 important questions in this article.

Edited by Behnaz Mahdavi