Types of Outdoor Wall Lights & Their Applications

Types of Outdoor Wall Lights & Their Applications
Publish Date: 2022/03/27
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Types of Outdoor Wall Lights & Their Applications

Wall light is one of the types of outdoor lights that, as its name implies, is attached to the wall and is widely used in the exterior of buildings, such as yard, terrace, villa area, parking entrance, etc. Wall lights come in a variety of designs, sizes and colors and should be designed to be able to attach to a wall or vertical surface.

A wall light consists of a light, bulb and lamp, a plate, and usually has one or more branches. Wall lights typically direct light up or down, and of course there are some modern models that shine light in both up and down or diagonally.

Wall light is one of the most suitable outdoor lighting for places such as stair ways and pathways, where there is a high probability of falling or slipping, and it is used in both interior decoration and lighting, as well as outdoor lighting of buildings. You will get acquainted with outdoor wall lights so that you can choose the best type of wall lamp that fits your home design.

Note: It is recommended that you first specify your main purpose of buying a wall light. Some people choose wall lamps only to beautify the exterior of the building and decorate it, and some to illuminate the environment and provide security. Today, various and beautiful models of wall lights are produced in different styles and designs that, in addition to being attractive, will also provide the required amount of light. In the following, we will examine the category of yard lights in terms of their main applications.

Classification of Wall Lights Based on the Main Application

  • To Increase Safety in Entrance Space of Home & Garden

Many thefts occur when there are favorable conditions for thieves to break into a house, for example, if the yard or entrance of the house is dark, it will be possible to hide in dark places and movement of individuals could not easily seen and recorded. For this reason, the use of outdoor lights to illuminate open spaces of the garden, villa and back yard is very necessary and greatly reduces the possibility of theft.

You must have seen the beautiful wall lights on both sides of entrance doors. Many people choose wall lights to make their home entrance area more secure. In addition, flood lights and spotlights are also considered as wall lights that fully illuminate the opposite space and show any movements at night. Most wall lights also can be connected to an optical sensor and a timer to be set to turn them on or off.

Wall lights equipped with motion sensors are also considered as one of the providers of outdoor security and are turned on with any movement. Of course most of these sensors have settings that are not activated by movements of small animals such as cats, birds, mice, etc. In addition to providing security, lights with motion sensors have another benefit for you when you get home in the dark and you do not have to look for the light switch. These sensors can be connected to alarms and cell phones, thus form an intelligent light system that can report any unusual movement in your absence.

  • To Turn on the Environment at Night

Many people use outdoor lighting and yard lights to illuminate the courtyard, terrace and garden. These places are designed for outdoor activities such as exercising, partying and barbequing. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space at night, it is better to use a yard light that has enough light in addition to security.

  • To Beautify the View of House, Yard and Open Area

Sometimes wall lights are used to beautify and make the exterior of the house more attractive. Almost all outdoor lights are made with a special design and in accordance with the principles of aesthetics and architecture, and the wall lights, with their own design and color, make the entrance of the house and yard more beautiful and add to the charm of the garden and villa. Wall lights can be selected in harmony with other lights in the yard or in accordance with the color of the wall and material used at the entrance.

Keep in mind that these three functions of security, light for night activities and beauty are not necessarily separate, and it is possible to expect two or all of these applications from a wall light.

Types of Wall Lights Based on Design & Location

Once you decided on the type of wall light based on its function, you can look at them from another angle and choose the wall light according to its design and location. Since wall lights are all mounted on a vertical wall, the installation mode is the same for all lights. Most wall lights use electricity to light up and plug in, but there are a number of wall lights that work with sunlight, so these lights should be installed in a sunny spot and the location of lights is important in this case. Here are 5 groups of wall lights that are categorized based on place of use and overall design:

  1. Wall Lantern

Lantern wall lights are one of the most widely used wall lights. In a lantern wall lamp, the lamp is attached to a branch and the branch is attached to the wall by a plate. Lantern wall lights often have a traditional design, but there are modern designs on the market that have become popular because of their dominant design, which is similar to a lantern.

Most of the Shabtab wall lights are also considered as lantern models and are produced with an eye-catching design and from the best raw materials like die-cast aluminum. Keep in mind that wall lights and all luminaires are painted with electrostatic powder paint that is resistant to scratches and weather phenomena such as moisture.

You should keep in mind that most wall lights are used to illuminate a limited area and do not have the same security application as a spotlight and flood lighting.

Most lanterns are made of various metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, bronze or even silver plated and are designed with delicate patterns, so you can easily make wall lamps with a design and color that fits the space.

  1. Flush Mount Wall Light

As you can see in this picture, this wall light has no branches, and unlike other wall lights such as lanterns, the lamp itself is connected to wall by a plate. Flush mount wall lights have a variety of models that, in addition to being functional, are also more modern, beautiful and attractive. Recently, a number of Flush mount wall lights have been added to the collection of Shabtab products, which attract the attention of everybody with their attractive design and color. You can see these lights here and here.

  1. Bulkhead Light

The most important feature of bulkhead wall light is that the glass bulb is placed inside a cage-like net for extra protection. This design has a practical aspect and is intended to protect the lamp in workshops and manufacturing places where there are possibility of throwing small parts to the lamp. Also, the light of the bulkhead wall light shines 180 degrees and provides the best lighting conditions for work environments such as factories.

Bulkhead wall light, in addition to being used in workplaces, can be a good complement to houses and buildings designed in an industrial style. It is also could be used in sports and recreational spaces where the ball is likely to hit the lamp. If you play a lot of ball games in your garden, this wall lamp will be very useful.

  1. Spotlight

A spotlight wall light, as its name implies, shines into a limited space, and the light is very strong.

The best use of spot wall light is to illuminate stairs and entrance of the parking lot and houses. You can also use spotlights for places such as the kitchen inside garden or near barbecue, because there is a need for good light to see the details in these spaces, and spotlights are quite suitable for this purpose.

Another use of spotlights is to emphasize specific points in the garden space and could be used to illuminate a statue, tree and waterfall. Also, if you have a large water feature or a beautiful garden in your backyard or villa, you can multiply its beauty at night by using spotlights and colored lights.

  1. Flood Light

The last type of wall lights are floodlights, which are more functional than aesthetic. As mentioned in the first part of the article, the floodlight is very suitable for securing yard and garden. Many floodlights are equipped with motion sensors and emit a large amount of light in a large space. Also, if you play sports in the yard or villa or have big parties, floodlights are a great choice.


Wall light is one of the types of yard lights that is widely used in both landscape and indoor lighting. The most important feature of wall lights is that they should be connected to the vertical surface and in addition to applications such as lighting and security in the yard, garden, entrance and stairs, it also has a beautiful aspect and can send a welcome message to your guests. In this article, we dealt with different categories of wall lights in terms of application and general design, and introduced five types of wall lights along with their outdoor use.

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