Everything About Price & Types of Pier Mount Lights

Everything About Price & Types of Pier Mount Lights
Publish Date: 2022/03/24
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Everything About Price & Types of Pier Mount Lights

When you buy outdoor lights for your backyard, you will probably hear names like pier mount lights, park lights or yard lights, wall lights, and so on. If you look at each of these lights, they may look similar at first, but we must say that each of these lights has special features and functions and are installed in different places in yard and garden. In the previous article, we talked about wall lights and their types in detail, now it is time for the pier mount lights, which are one of the most widely used area lights. In the following, we will define the pier mount lights, its types and models, and in the last part, we will refer to its price range in Iranian market and the factors affecting its price.

What Is a Pier Mount Light?

As the name implies, this light is often installed at the entrance or on the columns at the entrance of the courtyard and the villa, i.e. on both sides of the entrance, which is why it is also called pier mount light. Pier mount lights are sometimes installed at regular distances and in large numbers on walls of villas and gardens. The most important function of the pier mount light is to provide the required lighting for the entrance of a house, garden and villa and to create more security. In addition, with its beautiful and varied design, it is also considered as one of the decorative elements of a garden. The pier mount light may be installed as a decorative light on concrete tables in garden and villa or among flowers and plants and double the beauty of those places. Depending on the design, the pier mount light radiates light upwards or all around it.

Main Parts of a Pier Mount Light

The pier mount light generally consists of four main parts: base, plate, lamp and bulb, and as you can see in the pictures, the pier mount light does not have a base and is mounted directly on a short base then installed in the desired location. In fact, the pier mount light is the same as the park light without a base. The installation location of a pier mount light may be on two short columns on either side of the entrance or it could be installed directly on wall. The pier mount light bulb is usually made of frosted or clear glass or plastic. The pier mount light body, like other outdoor lights, may be made of metals such as aluminum, bronze, steel or copper, or even compressed plastic. However, metal pier mount lights have much higher quality and durability than non-metallic lights.

Suitable Lamp for Pier Mount Light

In general, incandescent, energy-saving and LED lamps can be installed for pier mount lights, but you should also pay special attention to the color temperature of the light, the amount of required light and power consumption of each lamp in choosing the type of lamp according to your taste and purpose. We recommend the use of LED bulbs, which in the long run, with low power consumption and long life, will reduce your costs, and you no longer need to change the bulbs every few months. You can also use solar panel area lights to save more electricity.

Pier Mount Light Design & Style

Pier mount lights, like other outdoor lights, are designed in a wide variety of colors and styles. Most major light manufacturers in Iran, such as Shabtab Lighting Company, usually offer a set of lights for all lights of your villa and yard such as park lights, pendant lights, and pier mount lights. These lights are designed In the form of a harmonious collection and have a special and impressive effect. Pier mount lights are usually designed in different styles such as rustic, modern, contemporary or classic so you can easily find a pier mount lights that is suitable and in harmony with dominant design style of your garden and villa.

What is Price of a Pier Mount Light?

The price of headlights and outdoor lights in general depends on and is influenced by factors such as price of raw material, the cost of design and production, transportation and its brand. Currently, the minimum price of a headlight in Iranian market starts from 45 thousand Toman and the highest price is about 2 million and two hundred thousand Toman. Obviously, these prices are not fixed and will fluctuate in the future, so for more information about the exact price of Shabtab pier mount lights, you can contact the sales agents in Tehran and across Iran.

Edited by Behnaz Mahdavi